Droop Lion


Droop Lion

It is a special soul that can find within itself the capacity to forgive those who would take the life of one it holds dear. It is an even more remarkable spirit that is able to channel such feelings of loss and pain into a moving anthem of forgiveness. Meet Droop Lion, an artiste possessed of a voice teeming with sincerity and a mind suffused with curiosity.

His talent was recognized early but it would be a while before he would venture into the studios of Kingston to seek musical expression. Droop joined forces with Chiney K. Productions, and this collaboration would prove remarkably fruitful, spawning the haunting “Mama Soon Come”; the story of the murder of his mother.
Droop Lion has demonstrated that special gift of addressing social commentary in a manner that is poignant without being inflammatory. He is now signed to the Florida based Mix-it Productions. Under the direction of Mix-it, he joined forces with ace Jamaican musician and producer Ervin “Alla” Lloyd and the results have been magical.
The heavily rotated “Freeway” is an outcome of this incredible synergy. Droop has pledged to deliver his debut album with the Mix-it imprint in 2011.

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