Oska is one of the latest emerging talents forging through the Jamaican reggae scene. Born O’Neil Anthony Daley and hailing from Sharper Lane, a small community on the outskirts of Old Harbour, the name Oska is shortened version of Oska Ten Stars, which came from his uncle.

Oska had a strong love for music and song writing from an early age and was very well known in his community as the annoying kid playing rhythms on recycled plastic bottles. His mother, known to most as Miss Jane, was also a singer and performed with the likes of Coco Tea.

Oska attended Old Harbour High School. With the undoubtedly love for music, he was always in trouble by disturbing classes playing drums on desk tops and song-clash with class mates. The only place that didn’t seem to mind the drumming was the local church where Oska played the drums on Sundays.

1998 was testing time and turning point for Oska. His grand mother whom he lived with at the time passed away and Oska left Sharper Lane to live and work in Mandeville with his uncle. With help from his cousin, Sean, Oska built his first sound system out of barrels (typically used for clothes) and called it Barrel International . Oska, Sean and Barrel International reigned supreme in many sound system clashes in Mandeville and surrounding areas.

In 2001 Oska migrated to England to live with his dad and study business and computer. Although leaving Jamaica, his suitcase was packed with his love for music and before long he built another sound system with one of his childhood friend (Salta) and started playing music at parties and night clubs. He became known as DJ Oska and soon evolved into a household name in London’s underground music. By 2009 his name spread to Sheffield and he became the only hardcore reggae dancehall presenter on BCR103.1fm. DJ Oska has since been a solid reggae dancehall international Ambassador playing Jamaican music in clubs in UK, Belgium, France, Holland Switzerland and Germany.

One of Oska’s childhood dreams of owning a recording label came true in 2013 when he returned home and together with with his brother, Kemar Wilson (aka Gull), built 10star Muzic and signed the talented young artist, Marr. Oska pledged to uphold the real value and culture of his country by continuing to write and produce positive music.Oska music is packed with social commentary. His first release entitled “Back inna di place” represents his reflections on the new found culture in the Jamaican society and dancehall. Another release “Please Prime Minister” is a plea to the Jamaican government and the music producers to respect and value to the importance of reggae.

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